Track Surveys Core Products Now Available on Mobile Devices


London, United Kingdom (4th March 2013) – Track Surveys, a leading UK provider of performance-related tools and services, has announced that its range of core products is now available on mobile devices.

Track Surveys’ three core products—Empower 360, Empower Performance, and Climate Check—will become available on smartphones and iPads in March. This is intended to improve efficiency for users, enabling them to log in when traveling, freeing up time in and out of working hours.

Track Surveys was prompted to make these changes after analyzing Think with Google statistics which demonstrated the popularity of mobile devices. These revealed that 9 out of 10 phones sold are smartphones, tablet shipments quadrupled in 2011, and that, by 2013, more people will access the web via their mobile device than through a computer.

Jo Ayoubi, of Track Surveys, said: “This is an exciting step forwards for both our company and our clients, as they can now access our core products at any time, any place, enabling them to manage their time more effectively. With tablets and smartphones becoming more and more prevalent in people’s personal and professional lives, we want to ensure we are offering the greatest flexibility and convenience to our clients.”

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About Track Surveys:

Track Surveys offer a variety of performance-related tools and services – such as 360-degree feedback – to a diverse range of organizations across the world. As a leading assessment company, they continually keep up-to-date with the latest evaluation, development, and performance news and technology, which they then present to their clients in the form of new products and ideas.


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