Transair Design Their Own Flightsuits

England 10/09/2012 – When Transair realised that not all of their customers were happy with the range of flightsuits they sold they decided to design their own

Flightsuits are a very personal thing. A suit that works well for a pilot is not necessarily going to work well for the rest of the flight or ground crew. That is why there are several types available.

Over the years, the suits worn by pilots have evolved and today this is still going on. The release of new textiles leads to flying suits being made out of these new materials. Changes in the kit pilots and flight crew use also lead to changes in the design of the flight suits they wear.

New pockets are created to accommodate modern pieces of kit and older now defunct pockets are eliminated from many modern flightsuits. However, despite this the rate of change of design is quite slow, which means that pilots are always looking for exactly the right suit for them. This is something that Transair, who have been selling flight equipment for 26 years, recognised some time ago. They decided the best approach was to design their own suit as well as stock as big a range as possible.

Flightsuits for everyone

Their range of suits includes every kind of suit imaginable. They sell suits that are designed for military pilots, commercial pilots as well as private pilots. They even sell suits that have been especially designed for children. Growing numbers of children are now learning to fly, so this line is proving particularly popular.

Their attention to detail is what makes their suits, so popular. Including zips on the tops pockets, two bellow map pockets instead of one and incorporating pen pockets into the kneepads are all examples of this.

Transair suits are all designed to be easy to care for so are machine washable. They also sell a range of accessories that allow pilots to customise their flightsuits. For example, patches and plastic boards for map knee pockets. Despite the quality of their suits, they are not expensive, so every pilot who buys from them can afford to buy the suit they really want.


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