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England 08/06/2012- Viewpoint Opticians York are one of the first in the UK to offer new tecnology

Viewpoint Opticians York are always looking for ways to improve what they offer their customers. They really strive for excellence. So much so that when they first opened in 1985, they only sold contact lenses. They were so keen to get what they offered 100% right that they focused on one specific optical service. Their approach worked and they were the first UK opticians to be named as the Contact Lens Practice of the Year.

Once they were sure that they had honed their contact lens service to the point where it could not be improved they responded to customer demand, expanded their horizons, and began moving into selling glasses. Again, their aim was to excel and they have certainly done so. Their reputation within the industry is excellent and many exclusive frame designers believe the service they offer is good enough to allow them to sell their frames.

The extraordinary attention to detail that was such a big part of the firm’s ethos is still very apparent, today. The team at Viewpoint are always searching out the latest technology and offering it to their customers. One of the most recent examples of how this has improved the care they offer their clients is the introduction of Optical Coherence Tomography technology. They are one of the first opticians in the UK to invest in this technology.

Why Viewpoint Opticians York offer Optical Coherence Tomography
Optical Coherence Tomography is an amazing technology. When used to scan the eyeball it gives an optician a complete 3d picture of the eye. This detailed image makes it far easier for the optician to see problems with the eye and to diagnose conditions far earlier than would otherwise be possible.

The team at Viewpoint Opticians York have been pleasantly surprised by how quickly demand for this new service has grown. Because of introducing this new technology into their practice, they have attracted a significant new wave of customers. People in York seem to understand how important early diagnosis is when it comes to serious eye diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration.

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