London, United Kingdom, January 12th 2012 – A basement can make a beneficial addition to a property. In the home it can be used as a utility room and storage room or it could even be converted into an additional bedroom or entertainment room. Wine cellars, storage facilities, and other uses also exist and property owners have a knack of finding some of the most innovative but essential uses for their basement. It is possible to rely on waterproofing basement techniques that will help provide a comfortable and useful environment.

Any section of a property which falls below the soil line can suffer serious problems when it comes to damp and wet. The room will become cold and expensive to heat and damp can cause major problems for wooden beams as well as the items that are kept in the basement. People that may use the room can also come into contact with insect infestations and potentially damaging spores within the room.

Waterproofing the basement helps to prevent these problems from taking hold. It can prevent the very costly need for repairs at a later date once the walls have corroded and the ties have all but disappeared. It can also provide the homeowner or other property owner with a considerably more pleasant environment. The risk of damp is removed through techniques like cellar tanking and this means that the property has a fully functioning and beneficial room to use. is a specialist in damp proofing and in waterproofing basement rooms and levels. They can work on new builds as well as renovations and conversions to provide the property owner with a fully waterproof and damp resistant basement level. Reliable service and quality assurance mean that they have enjoyed many successful contracts and continue to win new projects.


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