Trolex Combats Carbon Monoxide in Caravans

Stockport, United Kingdom, (11th October 2011) – Trolex, a leading manufacturer of gas detection and safety monitoring systems, has played an important role in a successful campaign to get carbon monoxide detection made compulsory in UK touring caravans and motor homes.

Working alongside the National Caravan Council (NCC), Trolex have provided support for the campaign after some worrying test results. A Trolex Sentro 8 system with six remote carbon monoxide detectors was used to see the effects of running a liquid petroleum gas (LPG) cooker at various settings in the confined space of a caravan. Results found that carbon monoxide concentrations at various heights proved dangerous.

Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas, which is tasteless, colourless and odourless, making it difficult to detect. These results were presented at the All Party Parliamentary Gas Safety Group meeting and, within two weeks, the NCC announced a new industry regulation, which stated that, as a result of these findings, every caravan and motor home would be required to have two Type 2 audio and visual alarms fitted.

New carbon monoxide alarms will alert caravan users instantly if there are dangerous levels of the gas detected. Caravan manufacturers who are members of the NCC are now required to fit these alarms to ensure that they comply with standards. Older caravans are recommended to have carbon monoxide alarms retro-fitted.

A spokesperson for Trolex said: “The issue of carbon monoxide monitoring in caravans is one that has gone unaddressed for far too long, but we are delighted that this has now been rectified. Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas and one that is very difficult to detect, and so any measures to protect people’s safety are more than welcome. We have worked closely with the NCC on this issue and are very satisfied with the conclusion.”

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