Windscreen Replacement

Smile Windscreens Limited transparent windscreen repair service that is second to none.

Established in 1991 Smile Windscreens is an independent, privately-owned business that specialises in providing proficient windscreen replacement. Our services are as sought-after as they are meticulous, which ensures our reputation as one of the foremost motor vehicle windscreen repair services in Kent.

Here at Smile Windscreens we have a fleet of reliable and affordable mobile fitters that cover the entire country of Kent and beyond. Our services are amongst the most cost-effective that you’re likely to find in the county of Kent. Our technicians are both friendly and attentive at all times, and also are similarly meticulous ensuring that all repair work is completed to the exacting standards that our clients deserve.

Given that we operate a county-wide mobile windscreen replacement we do not incur the overhead charges of a business that operates from large commercial premises. How does this affect you? Well the answer is simple. We pass on all the savings to our customer. Our windscreen replacement service is amongst the most affordable in the county of Kent.

In addition to this considerable saving, Smile Windscreens Limited’s customer-centric service also offers you the benefit of choosing a location to complete the replacement at your discretion. This emphasis on customer-focus is especially practical if your vehicle is stationery at your home or place of work, as the extent of the damage is too great for safe motoring.

If you have used a mobile windscreen repair service in the past, only to be left disappointed by the quality of the repair work, or indeed the courtesy of the technicians that carried out the work, then rest assured Smile Windscreens is different. We use only the finest materials and offer a no quibble guarantee for all of the work that we undertake. After all we do aim to put a smile on all our customers’ faces.

To find out more information about the selection of services that we offer, or to arrange for one of our technicians to inspect and resolve any issues with your vehicle, then come and visit us today at:


Smile Windscreens

14, Matts Hill Road

Hartlip, Sittingbourne

Kent, United Kingdom

Zip: ME9 7XA

Tel: 0800 046 7887


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