Wolfestone Enjoys Expansion with New Premises and Services

Swansea, United Kingdom (11th April, 2012) – Wolfestone Translation, a market-leading language translation company offering translation and voiceover services across all languages, has purchased an additional premises and launched a range of new services for 2012.

A 500% increase in turnover between 2008 and 2011 has given Wolfestone the platform to develop innovative new products. State of the art recording studios now offer voiceovers, and the immediate success of this service has led to the hiring of a team of sound engineers.

The company’s increasingly popular internship programme offers trainees a taste of a dynamic, successful workplace. Interns see exactly what it takes to succeed in a company which combines cutting edge technology with complete commitment to customer service. All interns are equipped with a set of skills and values that will serve them well in any working environment, and many have gone on to full time permanent employment with Wolfestone.

Director Anna Bastek is delighted to be delivering a “feel good” message for the region:

“I believe talented, ambitious people should be able to advance their careers successfully. We give our staff structured training and a genuine career path, so we’re not just adding to our numbers – we’re adding value and depth for each individual employee. It’s great to be expanding into new offices but it’s even better to be populating those offices with highly skilled industry specialists.

“Wolfestone has become a brand that people recognise and believe in, and we want to send out a message of confidence and optimism for the region. Having been voted in to chair our UK trade association gives us confidence that we are doing the right things. It’s not only the likes of McDonalds and Tesco that are opening new premises and expanding their market share. There’s room for the specialist to do that, too.

“By focussing on training, on quality, and above all on the customer, we’re making South Wales a centre of excellence for translation and language services. Quite simply, we’re getting bigger by being better.”

For more information on Wolfestone and their language translation services, visit their website at www.wolfestone.co.uk or telephone 0845 000 0083.

About Wolfestone:

Founded by two entrepreneurs from Wales and Poland, Wolfestone is a language services company with the aim of becoming one of the most successful, most reliable language services providers to the media and also the private and public sector. They provide language translation to and from English, and employ highly skilled, professional translators who are proficient in over seventy different languages and dialects, including French, German, Polish, and Chinese, to name but a few.


Anna Bastek
Wolfestone Translation Ltd.

The Language Centre
57 Walter Road
Swansea, SA1 5PZ
United Kingdom

Tel: 0845 000 0083

Email: sales@wolfestone.co.uk


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