Author: Rose Taylor

China’s Richest Man, Entertainment Tycoon Wang Jianlin, Rocks the World

As the media and netizen are continuously stunned by the singing skills of China’s richest man, this week at the World Economic Forum (WEF), Wang Jianlin, Chairman of Dalian Wanda Group, quickly shifted his role from “showman” to “businessman”, bringing extra emphasis to his mission to turn the real estate giant into a film, sports and tourism-led conglomerate and expand its reach across the globe. Wang Jianlin, the outspoken boss of Wanda Group, is known on Chinese social media for setting “small, achievable” goals. In 2016, Wang’s major goal was to flip The Group’s focus from real estate to...

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The Pen Tablet That Works The Way You Do: The New Wacom Intuos Pro

For many artists and designers, creative expression starts on paper with the help of a favorite pencil, pen or brush. Only after starting their concepts on paper and scanning the results do artists and designers fire up their computers and start their digital workflow. But what if one could skip the scanning step and have editable, digital ink versions of sketches available at the touch of a button with the power to refine and complete the sketches later with Wacom’s most natural pen tablet experience? Enter the new Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition – The pen tablet that works...

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DJI Introduces New Products And Accessories At CES 2017

DJI, the world leader in unmanned aerial technology, Tuesday introduced two new Osmo product extensions, a new aerial mapping app and a limited edition Phantom 4 drone at CES unveiled in Las Vegas. The company also showcased two variations of its CrystalSky prototype, an ultra-bright monitor developed specifically for outdoor aerial imaging operators, along with its latest aerial platforms including the Phantom 4 Pro, Inspire 2 and Mavic Pro. “DJI has developed some of the world’s best aerial platforms and camera technology and now, we bring to our customers a new range of product extensions and accessories to further...

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Switzerland Opens The Longest Train Tunnel In The World

 It’s longer – and deeper – than any other train tunnel in the world. Sunday 11 December 2016 sees the entering into service of the Gotthard Base Tunnel. This pioneering project will enable passengers to speed under the Alps in some 17 minutes. The dual-track tunnel will bring northern and southern Switzerland closer together, and cut travel time between neighbouring countries. It will permit passengers from near and far to spend more time at their destination, discovering the many delights of Switzerland north and south of the Alps.  Switzerland already possesses the densest public transport network on the planet....

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Upcoming documentary to Remember the Nostalgia in Wuyuan’s Jiangwan Town in China

The filming crew of China Central Television’s (CCTV) ongoing national documentary project “Remember the Nostalgia” traveled to Wuyuan County, China on November 8 to film for the show’s upcoming third season. Jiangwan Town, in Jiangxi province, is recognized as one of the most distinctive ancient towns in China due to its long history, rich cultural heritage and unique folk traditions. The documentary will not only feature its natural scenery but also its culturally important rituals, performances and fairs. The documentary will highlight Jiangwan Town’s folk traditions such as artistic performances celebrating the harvest season, young children dressing up as...

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