YBS Insulation Re-Launches SuperQuilt Roofing Insulation


England 21/03/2013 – YBS Insulation have just re-launched their popular roofing insulation called SuperQuilt

YBS Insulation has been developing and manufacturing insulation for use within the building trade for several decades. Over the years, they have developed and released a huge range of insulation materials including cavity closers, and wall, floor, and roof insulators. They are always coming up with innovative products that are very popular in the building trade.

Their multi-foil roof insulator, called Super quilt, is no exception. It is a popular product, which is widely used on UK building sites. To spread the word and help more people to benefit from this building product YBS has recently updated its website and the Superquilt data sheet.

They have done so to better demonstrate the flexibility of this product, which can be used to insulate a roof in three ways. This super insulating material can be fitted to new builds as an over rafter insulator, which sits just under the tiles, as well as an under rafter insulator fitted to the inside of the roof. For existing buildings, it is usually fitted as an under-rafter insulator. Unless that building gets a new roof, in which case it gives the owner the chance to fit it under the tiles providing another layer of insulation.

SuperQuilt is made of 19 different layers and is designed to provide all forms of insulation, conduction, convection, and radiation, in one product. It has been designed to work on a pitched roof as well as flat roofs. Many builders are now installing a double layer to provide additional insulation for the homes and commercial buildings they are building.

SuperQuilt wall insulator

YBS also sells a version that is designed for use as a wall insulator. It is the perfect dry lining solution, which works for cavity walls, as well as timber frame builds and dwarf walls. For dormer cheeks, it is the perfect insulation solution.

Given today’s focus on saving power and eco-friendly building, sales of all forms of insulation materials will continue to increase. YBS plans to be the product of choice, so is continuing to develop and bring to market new insulating materials.

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