Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom (19 November 2010) – 3663 Catering Equipment, part of 3663, the UK’s leading foodservice company, are featured in the November issue of FRY Monthly Magazine to showcase their collection of grills and griddles.

FRY Monthly Magazine is one of the most widely distributed magazines in the fast food trade, with over 11,000 copies monthly circulated around catering establishments and fast food outlets in the UK. The magazine specialises in giving advertisers the best possible platform for showcasing their fast food catering equipment and services so that fast food establishments have access to the most suitable products for their business.

3663 Catering Equipment will feature in the November issue of FRY Monthly Magazine to shine light on how their selection of grills and griddles can be useful to those in the fast food industry, and how chefs at fast food establishments can use this equipment to prepare a wide range of different menus and options.

Barrie Wood, Marketing Manager at 3663, comments: “Grills – or salamanders – have increased in popularity in recent years, not only because they are effective, efficient and functional but because they open the doors for operators to extend their menu options. With these simple pieces of equipment, chefs can create inexpensive, but high-profit, popular snacks such as paninis, baguettes and sandwiches and attract a wider customer base at lunchtimes.

“With the awareness of healthy eating becoming increasingly important, offering grilled fish – opposed to the traditional battered option – is likely to create interest which will easily be converted to eat-in and takeaway sales, with good profit potential.

“One of our latest grill offerings is the Hatco Quick – Therm Salamander which, with its many functions, allows you to start cooking, grilling or reheating in just eight seconds. It is also very sustainable; mounted on the back wall of the salamander is a plate detection switch that prevents the unit from turning on unless a plate or pan is put underneath against the bar. That means the elements are only on when they need to be, saving you money.”

For more information about 3663 Catering Equipment’s range of grills and griddles, please visit www.3663cateringequipment.co.uk.

3663 Catering Equipment is part of 3663.

About 3663:

With over 1.84 million square feet of high quality storage in 31 depots across the country, 3663 deliver to over 50,000 clients including pubs, cafes, restaurants, clubs, schools, hospitals and government departments. With current active involvement with business excellence organisations Quality Scotland and the British Quality Foundation, and a certified Environment Management System in the Transport, Storage and Communication areas across the whole company, 3663 are the UK’s leading foodservice equipment company.


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