A ECU Remapping Service Can Deliver Fuel Savings

England – 23/03/2012 – The typical client for an ECU remapping service is changing

Until fairly recently the only kind of person who would have even considered using a ECU Remapping Service would have been a boy racer. Fans of performance cars have always tried to get the most out of their engines. In the past they would have had them retuned and had the head skimmed. However, because modern cars rely on engine control units or ECUs anyone who wants their car to go faster had to avail himself or herself of an ECU remapping service.

Apart from young drivers looking to get more performance out of their vehicles, the ECU industry did not attract very much interest. However, slowly but surely that is changing. More and more people in the UK are now aware that their cars come fitted with small computers which control the way in which the engine and other components on their vehicle perform. They are gradually realising that by reprogramming or remapping the computer that controls the engine they can do more than simply get better acceleration. By having your ECU remapped, you can gain other advantages.

By far the biggest wave of new interest is coming from people looking at using ECU remapping to help them to save fuel. This new interest has arisen because more and more people are struggling to keep their vehicles on the road. The cost of motoring in the UK has risen steeply in the last two or three years, in particular the cost of petrol. As a result, more people are desperate to save on fuel.

How Much Fuel Can an ECU Remapping Service Save You?

Exactly how much fuel an ECU remapping service can save you varies from vehicle to vehicle. However, in some cases you can improve your car’s mpg by as much as 20%. At the same time, you can also make your vehicle much more pleasant to drive. Given that you can increase your vehicles BHP by as much as 20%, you can make your car far more responsive. ECU Remapping UK have been offering ECU remapping to UK consumers are several years now and have noticed that the demographic of their customers has changed considerably over that time.


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