Australian Firms are Increasingly Opting for Serviced Offices


Australia 20/03/2013 – The drive for efficiency seems to be behind the trend for Australian firms to use serviced office space

Every year hundreds of firms enquire about a serviced office from They do so because using a serviced office makes good business sense, something that Australian firms are increasingly recognizing.

Firms need good quality offices that are pleasant to work in and make a good impression on existing and new customers. However, finding that office space, running it, and maintaining it can be very time-consuming and costly. Maintaining their own office space can be a drain on a company’s resources.

Running an office is quite complicated; services such as the internet, phones, and air-conditioning have to be arranged. The office needs to be cleaned and kept secure, so security and cleaning staff have to be hired. Once set up an office can be run with little day-to-day input, but when things go wrong running the office can again prove a drain on a company’s time. Sourcing new staff or sorting out an engineer to come in and repair the air-conditioning all take up precious time that many firms cannot afford to waste. If there is a problem, the firm providing the serviced office is responsible for sorting it out, and they do so quickly.

A serviced office gives firms the space they need without all of the hassles. The precision of running their office is known in advance and is quantifiable, which helps with cash flow.

Serviced offices tick all of the boxes

In today’s highly competitive working environment, serviced offices tick all of the boxes. They free up firms to concentrate on their core business and provide them with the flexibility they need. A firm can open and close office space as they need to and quickly set up businesses in new areas.

However, The Cluster realizes that despite the benefits of serviced offices not everyone wants or needs a permanent office. For this reason, they also provide a virtual office service, hot desking, and a casual office service. Modern firms need options when it comes to office space. The team at The Cluster certainly provides them.

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Adams Lee

Adams Lee

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