Newcastle Meet and Greet Parking Grows in Popularity

England – 15/03/2012 – Newcastle meet and greet parking is slowly becoming a mainstream service which the general public use

Untill fairly recently there was not a great deal of demand for the Newcastle meet and greet parking services. It is a service that has always been available, but was really only used by people flying on business. Only people on expenses could afford to have a chauffeur meet them at the airport and take their car to the car park for them and return with it when they arrived back at Newcatle.

However, recently more and more holiday makers have started to avail themselves of this service. In fact, it is one of the quickest growing airport service at Newcastle Airport.There is a reasonable amount of car parking available for airport customers, as a result many of the car park operators try to beat the competition by offering extras such as meet and greet parking, which is also known as valet parking.

The cost of Newcastle meet and greet parking has fallen

The fact that there is so much new demand for this service has really helped to bring the cost of the service down. Economies of scale mean that each car park can afford to employ full time chauffeurs on a shift pattern that enables them to offer this service around the clock. The fact that more consumers are availing themselves of this service makes it far easier for them to do this at a reasonable price. Because their chauffers are kept busy for a higher percentage of their shift, the cost of their wages is shared amongst more customers, which in turn has bought the price down. The fact that the service is cheaper than it once has also fuelled demand.

The specialist airport parking website Newcastle Parking Discounts have particularly noticed that demand for Newcastle meet and greet parking has grown. When they initially set up their service they were only asked for this kind of service occasionally. Now they are asked for prices for valet parking on a daily basis.


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