Basingstoke, United Kingdom (11 May, 2011) – Chic Teak, a leading supplier of outdoor garden furniture, showcase the versatility of their signature tree benches and the bespoke design services they offer on this range of products.

Chic Teak offers its teak tree benches in eight different sizes in order to ensure their ethically-manufactured and functionally-designed products are suitable for customers with gardens and yards with trees of all sizes. Should customers find that these pre-measured sizes will not fit around the tree they have in mind, Chic Teak also offers bespoke design services to suit trees of any size.

The bespoke design services on offer for these particular benches are to ensure that they perform to maximum capacity, whilst looking great, in any environment. Chic Teak is able to take orders to provide tree benches with different sized legs to suit uneven ground, and in different widths to suit individual tree sizes.

“The largest tree bench we have ever been asked to make – 3.6m internal diameter – was delivered to a delighted customer recently. The setting was truly magnificent and the bench was an inspired choice to complete the picture,” commented Sarah Bowden of Chic Teak. “Another tree bench will soon be installed at Lords in the MCC members’ garden, to replace an old and rather worn-looking bench, and will undoubtedly be enjoyed for many years to come.

“Providing nothing is applied to the teak, our benches will gradually weather to an ashy silver colour. The only treatment needed is a gentle power hose when the furniture looks dirty, which takes very little time and enhances the appearance immensely without damaging the wood.

“Due to the sustainability of teak and the beautiful design of our teak tree benches, it is therefore no surprise to us that we are constantly receiving bespoke requests for them and we pride ourselves on finding a great solution to every enquiry.”

For more information on Chic Teak and their bespoke design services on teak tree benches, visit their website at or telephone 0845 390 5000.

About Chic Teak:

Successfully trading in ethically sourced, sustainable teak from Government controlled plantations for over 14 years, Chic Teak creates high quality wooden garden furniture and teak garden furniture sets. They pride themselves on their quality, personal service alongside highly competitive pricing and fast delivery.

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