United Kingdom, (3rd November, 2011) – Claimsworth, one of the UK’s leading personal injury solicitors offering no-win no-fee claims, comments on an ex-roofer’s compensation for gas canister explosion.

Claimsworth recently commented on a compensation claim involving a 65 year old ex-roofer who was the victim of a fireball from a faulty gas system. Victor Barrell was believed to have been repairing his daughter-in-law’s stable roof when a gas canister produced a fireball which hit the retired Grandfather. As a result, Mr Barrell reportedly jumped twelve feet from the roof and the fire was then extinguished with a hose by his brother-in-law.

Following the unfortunate accident, Mr Barrell received medical attention in the specialised burns unit of Bristol Frenchay hospital and now has permanent scarring on one arm. Mr Barrell launched a compensation case against the shop that sold the faulty gas canister. Due to the physical and emotional injuries of the accident, Mr Barrell was awarded £6,000 in damages.

A spokesperson for Claimsworth commented: “Here at Claimsworth, we understand that many homeowners are eager to make restorations on their home and many members of the public hire equipment to effectively undertake home improvement tasks. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the product provider to ensure that their items adhere to the Sales of Good Act 1979 and ensure that products are fit for use. Therefore, anyone that has been the victim of faulty equipment might be entitled to claim compensation, and we recommend that they come to us here at Claimsworth for a no-win no-fee claims case.”

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About Claimsworth:

Claimsworth are a leading personal injury solicitor that can represent their clients on a no-win no-fee basis. Whether a client has suffered an accident at work, road traffic accident or a slip, trip or fall, Claimsworth can offer 100% of their compensation and will not charge a fee if a claim is unsuccessful.
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