Same Day Delivery Services Open Up New Markets


England 29/04/2013 – Today, speed of delivery is an important factor for many customers, so access to next-day or same-day delivery services is crucial for business success.

Modern sorting techniques, transport planning software, and better, faster roads have made same-day European delivery a reality for UK firms. Being able to offer this service has really helped many firms to enter the European market and compete effectively with their European competitors.

Sometimes people and businesses can afford to wait for a week for a product to arrive, but in many cases, they cannot. A company that needs parts for one of its machines is definitely going to buy from the firm that can deliver those parts the fastest. Having one of their machines out of order for longer than is necessary will usually cost them more than the cost of same-day delivery.

However, private consumers also appreciate and are prompted to buy by same-day delivery. Studies have shown that consumers are more likely to buy from the company that offers the fastest delivery times. The psyche of modern consumers is that they want what they want and want it as soon as possible.

The hectic lives people lead are also feeding the demand for same-day deliveries. Increasingly, people struggle to cope with and manage their responsibilities. Inevitably, they forget things and often end up needing something urgently, which is when they turn to firms that offer same or next-day delivery as an option. Turning up at a wedding without a present is simply not an option, so they are prepared to pay extra for fast delivery to solve their problem.

A truly door-to-door service
Importantly, firms like Today Team offer a same-day European delivery service that is literally door-to-door. They will pick up the parcel from any UK address and deliver it the same day to the door of a European customer. This company can deliver literally everything in this way from a small box to several pallets of goods. Without services like this UK firms simply could not compete effectively in Europe, so they are critical to the UK economy.

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