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England 14/07/2012- Demand for telephone systems from South West Communications Group continues to grow

Demand for telephone systems from South West Communications Groupcontinues to grow. Given that the majority of their customers are businesses this was somewhat unexpected. Many felt that companies that supplied other firms with services would suffer the most as a result of the recession. Whilst in many cases this has been true companies such as the South West Communications Group have bucked that trend.

There are several reasons for this. However, in most cases it is those companies who have anticipated their customers changing needs and have responded accordingly who have weathered the storm. Companies that have understood that their clients would be looking for ways to manage their costs more effectively have managed to work out ways to offer more for less. It is those that have been ahead of the curve who have managed to not only keep their existing customers, but also grow their customer base. To a large extent, this is exactly what has happened with the South West Communications Group.

They have always offered their clients a tailored service. This has enabled them to design, provide, install and maintain telephone systems for a huge range of small and medium sized businesses. In fact, there have been so flexible that they have also been able to provide award-winning business telephone systems for large corporations and have also worked in the public sector. It is the company’s flexible approach which has enabled them to weather the storm and to actually grow market share rather than lose it.

Telephone Systems from South West Communications Group are available across the UK

Another factor which appears to have helped South West Communications Group to thrive in despite the recession is the fact that they have such a wide customer base. They already cover most of Exeter and Devon, but also have a strong market presence in Plymouth and Cornwall. In addition they also service customers in Reading, Bristol, Portsmouth and South Wales. With such a wide range of customers across such a large geographical area losses in one area have been compensated by growth from other areas.


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