David Lichtenstein Announces CoCo Key Hotel and Water Resort Transfer

10/02/2012 – Real estate mogul David Lichtenstein has confirmed that the popular CoCo Hotel and Water Resort is to be replaced by the Doubletree Hilton.

The Coo Key is the latest in a long line of North Shore hotels and resorts to be replaced by Doubletree Hilton hotels.

David Lichtenstein, CEO and director of the Lightstone Group said: ‘This Hotel has long had strong ties to the North Shore community and it will continue to do so under the new name. It will have the characteristic qualities found in 280 locations over the world’

The hotel was constructed back in the 70’s and since then, it has gone under many names, including the Radisson Ferncroft and the Crowne Plaza.

David Lichtenstein believes that the rebranding of the hotel is no bad thing and that it will actually help to bring new life to the area, with more tourists and an improvement in the quality of the hotel itself.

Although the name of the hotel has changed, much of the décor and the features of the hotel that locals and tourists have enjoyed over the years are likely to stay the same with some minor improvements being made to bring the hotel up to the standards of Hilton hotels over the years. This, David Lichtenstein believes, is a positive step which will improve the brand, image and functionality of the popular hotel.

About David Lichtenstein:

David Lichtenstein is a successful real estate mogul who made his first real estate purchase for $89,000 way back in 1986. Since then, he has gone on to build up a multi-billion dollar real estate company, The Lightstone Group, who maintain many properties across the USA, many of which are hotels.

When it comes to investing in the real estate market, David Lichtenstein is at the top of his game and always takes a cautious view of the market, buying only those properties which he is sure will turn him a profit, he knows a great deal about making the most of real estate, whether it be a hotel, office block or family home.


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