Demand for Car Logbook Loans is Expected to Continue to Rise

England 18/04/2012- UK consumers are using car logbook loans to take them through difficult times

Until fairly recently car logbook loans were something that vast majority of UK consumers had not heard of. However, they have been around for some time in one form or another.

Years ago, if you ran out of money you went to a pawnbroker borrow money against the value of the physical item or asset. A few of the larger pawnbrokers would lend money against a vehicle. In that situation they would take the vehicle from you and keep it until you paid back the money. This meant that borrowing money against a vehicle was not particularly practical. With a logbook loan owners keep the keys of their vehicles and continue to use it. This subtle change is what has opened up this form of borrowing viable for UK consumers.

Exactly who was the first to offer this form of finance is lost in the mists of time. However, large pawnbrokers were some of the first people to do so in the UK.

The current economic situation has meant that more people need to borrow money and to do so quickly. Unfortunately, the banks and other traditional financial institutions have stopped lending to many UK consumers. As a result, people have had to look elsewhere for their finance and have discovered that borrowing money secured against a car is a viable alternative. This has led to huge increase in demand for this kind of loan.

How car logbook loans work

Many people are attracted to the idea of car logbook loans because they can get money relatively quickly. The company who agrees to lend money against a car take possession of all of the car’s documentation and the spare key. Once they have these in their possession they know that should the person default on the loan they can quickly get their money back. Therefore, they are happy to give out money immediately.

Logbook Loans 247 have been lending money to UK consumers for over 20 years, they also run a pawnbroker service. Over that time more and more of their business is being given over to lending money against vehicles rather than other items. Given the current economic circumstances, they expect demand for this kind of loan to continue to rise.


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