Milkshake Hair Products Take the Hair Care Market By Storm

England 21/04/2012 – Milkshake hair products designed for the Italian market are now available throughout Europe and other parts of the world

Milkshake hair products are one of the newest range of hair care products available. The range was developed by the dynamic Italian company Z·One Concept. This company was founded in 1999 to produce high-quality hair and beauty products aimed, initially, at the highly competitive Italian market.

Without a doubt, Italian men and women are some of the best-groomed people on the planet. They know a good grooming product when they see it and Milk_shake range of hair products was an immediate hit in Italy. Realising what a fantastic range they had produced Z·One Concept wasted no time in rolling out their range of hair care products to the rest of the world.

However, initially they did so by marketing their products to the salon market. This was a good move because it gave the product line a certain cache in each country it was launched in. Even today, their products are only available from top-notch hair and beauty product distributors. However, many of those distributors have websites from which they sell to members of the public as well as professionals. Consequently, Milk_shake hair products have gained a significant market share in a relatively short period.

The Milkshake hair products range

The product range is designed to meet all of the hair care needs of both men and women. Included in the range are shampoos, conditioners and grooming products. They have taken the time to include some specialist products such as sun care for hair and products to keep coloured and styled hair in good condition. In addition, they offer a range of intensive treatments for common hair problems. Many salons still use their product range because they are of such good quality. However, more and more of their sales are being made via the internet to the public rather than professional hairdressers.

The Modern Man website is an example of a specialist men’s grooming website that sells their range. They believe that the Milkshake hair product range is so good that they stock every item that they produce.


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