The Long-term Unemployed Find Temporary Relief With Jobs In Events

England – 10/01/2012Despite the recession, jobs in events continue to be available in larger numbers

Many of the UK’s industries have seen a significant downturn, and as a result are laying people off at an alarming rate. However, the events industry is bucking that trend. There are more jobs in events available than before. The number of events held in the UK has, surprisingly, remained relatively stable. However, that does not mean that the events industry has not been left entirely unaffected by the recession. Many of the jobs available in the events industry are now short term rather than long term, and the nature of those jobs has also changed.

How jobs in events have changed due to the recession

The first big change is how much people are prepared to pay to stage an event. In the past, the budget for some big events, such as concerts and product launches, was endless. Now the budget is set in stone and is far lower. This means fewer bells and whistles, for example cheaper catering e.g. Cava instead of Champagne and less gifts being handed out.

The actual jobs you find at events have also changed. The same trades and skills are still required for each event, but people definitely expect more for their money. They want their florist, decorator and cater to work with cheaper materials and venues to provide more of the support services included in their venue hire price. For many contractors this means being paid slightly less and working less hours on each event than before.

For the long-term unemployed the move from long-term contracts to short-term contracts has provided them with an opportunity. Jobs in events are being advertised far more regularly than they once were, giving them the chance to apply for more of these kinds of jobs. Many are getting a short term job to provide them with relief from long term unemployment. The vast majority of successful applicants are finding these jobs using specialist agencies like who advertise hundreds of new jobs in events each day.


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