Earrings by Astley Clarke

England 17/08/2012- Sales of earrings by Astley Clarke continue to grow in popularity

Earrings by Astley Clarke make a fantastic gift. Earrings are one of the most versatile gifts you can buy. Women of all ages wear them and always appreciate a beautiful pair of earrings.

Astley Clarke has a reputation for sourcing unusual jewellery that still has a global appeal. When the founder of the company, Rebecca Astley-Clarke, set up this fantastic online brand, in 2006, she did so to provide UK consumers with access to better choice. She had noticed that, when it came to jewellery, British consumers were missing out on a lot of choice. It was hard for British jewellery buyers to find good quality contemporary jewellery. There was plenty of fine jewellery available, but it tended to be traditional and a little old-fashioned.

Astley Clarke was an almost overnight success. The company’s range appealed to young professional women and they soon had a strong celebrity following. Their famous clients include January Jones, Elle Macpherson, Nicole Kidman, Claudia Schiffer and Olivia Palermo.

The firm has featured the work of famous designers including Jade Jagger, Vinnie Day, Pippa Small, Carolina Bucci, John Apel, Laura Gibson and Philippa Holland. However, the company never stands still, and they are constantly looking for new designers, which keeps their range fresh and up to date.

The Astley Clarke Earrings Range
Astley Clarke is constantly on the lookout for new trends, so they offer a huge choice of earrings and other jewellery. They stock every kind of earring including studs, hoops, drop and chandelier earrings. The earrings that they sell are made mostly out of precious metals and stones.

However, they also sell a range made from semi-precious stones. This ensures that people from all walks of life can afford to give Astley Clarke earrings as a gift. However, if you want to spend a little more the Astley Clarke site has plenty of high end earrings to choose from. They sell everything from drop and stud earrings that look right in the office to spectacular chandelier earrings encrusted with diamonds.

Whatever you are looking for Astley Clarke has it.

Astley Clarke Showroom
6 Junction Mews
London, UK
Zip: W2 1PN
Tel: +44 (0) 207 706 0060
Website: http://www.astleyclarke.com/
Email: customerservice@astleyclarke.com


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