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England 17/08/2012- go the extra mile for their customers

Galt educational toys make it a policy to actively engage with their clients and find out what they like and do not like about their products. In the course of doing this, the company has learnt a lot more than that. They have gained an insight into what parents are worried about when it comes to raising their children. Galt have taken this knowledge and decided to do what they can to improve thing for their clients. They know how hard it is for parents to get the balance right when it comes to raising children and want to do what they can do to help.

The main way Galt engages with its clients is the internet. Therefore, it is natural that they have used the web when responding to their clients concerns and needs. Using their blog, they have written about issues that concern the families who are their customers. A recent blog that gave parents time saving tips and proved very useful for some parents was particularly popular.

The problem in the modern world is definitely time. It is difficult enough when one parent is working, but when both are the challenge of balancing family life with work life becomes even harder. Galt came up with 10 practical timesaving tips that were simple to apply and really worked.

Educational toys are mainly fun

Galt’s approach of having a symbiotic relationship with their customers is good for both parties. Galt builds a strong relationship with their clients and parents get free valuable advice as well as great educational toys. However, Galt are focused on the fact that the main reason people buy from them is that their toys are fun and educational, so not everything on the blog is serious in nature. A recent blog about Galt Toys Alternative Queen’s Speech competition was especially popular. The company asked 650 6-12 year olds what they would do if they were king or queen for a day. The answers were then compiled into a fun video. The video was a thought provoking yet funny video that was popular with both children and their parents. It reflects the ethos of Galt Toys, which are designed to be fun as well as educational.


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