Financial Companies Head To Square Mile Office Space For Location And Prestige

London, UK February 28th 2012 — The Square Mile of the City of London is the true city centre; the site of the original Roman settlement. While the area has its roots firmly set in history, it offers a wide range of modern buildings. Although the area covers one square mile it plays second home to more than 400,000 commuters every single working day and is the primary home of some of the country’s biggest financial companies. There is also smaller Square Mile office space for those businesses that work as service providers to the financial industry companies.

There are many draws to the area for those businesses that do operate within the financial sector in some way. The biggest draw of all, though, is undoubtedly the existence and prominence of some of the most prestigious and globally recognised financial brands; brands like the Bank of England and many more. Communications and transport hubs are also situated throughout the city, which rivals some of the biggest financial centres in the world.

Square Mile office space can work out expensive but not as expensive as Mayfair and some other areas of the city. As well as office space in major skyscrapers that are both prominent and highly prestigious there are also smaller buildings that still offer prestige but do not attract quite the same high price tag. These buildings and offices are more commonly taken by companies that service the finance industry without necessarily being considered a direct part of the sector. offers a large selection of Square Mile office space units. Users can search according to location, property size, and various other features to ensure that they only have to consider offices that are most suitable for their needs and business requirements.


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