Fleetsmart Implement Push Technology in Fleet Tracking Software

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Lancashire, England (September 06, 2010) – Fleetsmart, a leading UK provider of live fleet vehicle tracking solutions and mapping features, have now incorporated GPS data management ‘Push Technology’ into their fleet tracking software.

Push Technology is an industry-leading process for managing the data that stems from continuous GPS tracking. More commonly known as a form of communication whereby a system user initiates and permits certain actions, Fleetsmart has incorporated this technology into their software to make managing data for GPS tracking applications and communication with drivers much easier.

Traditional means of managing GPS vehicle tracking application data involve intermittent polling of GPS units rather than continuous, live monitoring and opportunities for communication; with a sufficient ‘lag’ prohibiting constant tracking. Fleetsmart believes that by using Push Technology in its fleet tracking software, such issues can be effectively addressed.

“Upon realizing how difficult it is for fleet operators to manage their GPS vehicle tracking applications and effectively communicate across their fleet, we decided that adding Push Technology principles to our fleet tracking software would be incredibly useful for our current and prospective clients,” commented Chief Executive of Fleetsmart, Nick Wilkinson. “Having a lag in any tracking system simply renders it impractical – especially with organizations that face demands for increased security measures. This is what makes the real-time tracking and instant messaging through our newly-implemented Garmin Screen solutions such a viable option for tackling these issues, and we hope that this will further enhance the suitability of our vehicle monitoring software for organizations large and small.”

To find out more about Fleetsmart and their fleet tracking services, visit their website at http://www.fleetsmart.co.uk or telephone 0844 499 0909 during normal office hours.

About Fleetsmart:

Formed in 2002 as JWS Fleetsmart Limited, Fleetsmart operate from their offices in Wigan, Lancashire, to provide a wide range of fleet monitoring solutions for organizations across the UK, including live tracking, point of interest monitoring and journey replay solutions for fleet management. Currently supplying their solutions to over 500 clients with over 5,000 vehicles, Fleetsmart is renowned as being the vehicle tracking system of choice for leading UK businesses.


JWS Fleetsmart Limited
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Tel: 0844 499 0909

Email: info@fleetsmart.co.uk

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