Chess Sets Make a Great Christmas Present

Chess Sets

England 8/11/2012 – Chess sets are flying off the shelves for Christmas 2012

Chess sets make a great present. They are suitable for people of all ages and from many different backgrounds. The vast majority of people have learned how to play chess at some stage in their life. The few that have not are usually quite interested in learning the game. Giving them the gift of a chess set is often all that is needed to inspire them to learn this fascinating game.

The fact that there are so many different kinds of sets available is another reason they make a good present. Many parents buy their children themed chess sets to get them interested in the game. They like to see their children play a variety of games and do not really want them to spend all of their time staring at a screen playing video games. By buying a themed set parents can inspire their children to try this traditional board game.

Every year different themed chess sets are popular. A couple of years ago Star Wars sets were once again flying off the shelves. Not long before that, it was Harry Potter sets and JR Tolkien sets.

Travel chess sets make great gifts

Travel sets are also very popular, especially at Christmas. People tend to buy these sets for their older relatives who enjoy playing the game whilst traveling on public transport. A long train journey broken up by a game of chess somehow seems much shorter. The travel chess set is also a great way of connecting with other people as you travel. Most people play chess and are often pleased to be invited to play a game.

Many travel sets are also electronic, so if there is no one to play with you can still enjoy a game. All you have to do is play against the machine. Even in the modern world where smartphones and video games are popular chess sets still make a fantastic present. No one likes to do the same thing all the time and playing chess on a real board is a nice change.

Chess Direct has been selling chess sets direct to come public for several years now. For them, Christmas is always a busy time. For them, the early signs are that Christmas 2012 will be their busiest year yet.


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