London, United Kingdom (28th January, 2013) – GE Cigarette, the best and most affordable E-cig provider in the UK, announce the introduction of new Echo products and accessories.

GE Cigarette is committed to presenting their customers with the latest cigarette technology on the market, which is why they continually update their extensive collections to aid a person’s smoking experience. For this reason, the leading electric cigarette company has launched a brand new array of products and accessories which are now available in the Echo range, including the Echo lanyard which stylishly allows a person to wear an Echo e-cigarette around their neck for easy access.

The new Clearomizer provides all the advantages of a cartomiser, as it features an easy-refillable cartridge and an atomiser. The clearomizer is transparent in colour so customers will be continually aware of how much e-liquid is left, and there’s no need for a person to change the atomiser. This new product is a cost effective option as it’s compatible with GE Cigarette’s Echo range, so a customer won’t have to invest in a new electronic kit; therefore, the user can mix and match their products to enhance their experience.

A spokesperson for GE Cigarette commented: “It’s our pleasure to introduce the new Clearomizer and Echo lanyard to our popular Echo range. Our new products and accessories are available for a competitive price and are sure to be sought-after additions to our website.”

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About GE Cigarette:

GE Cigarette is a UK based electronic cigarette store specialising in a premium range of electronic cigarettes and e-liquid. All products are available at competitive prices but don’t compromise on high quality.


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