German Rail Pass extension

Rail Europe is introducing DB’s German Rail Pass Extension – The best way to discover Germany and beyond.

With over 60 million tourists annually, Germany is one of the most popular destinations in the world. From its major cities to its unspoiled villages and from its cultural attractions to business events, Germany is the promise of an unforgettable destination which is best savoured using a German Rail Pass.

Now, passengers will be able to benefit from even more! They will be able to cross borders and travel beyond Germany to cities such as Brussels, Prague and some preferred cities in Austria and Italy including Venice and Verona. All this thanks to a new add-on known as the German Rail Pass Extension.

Already a big hit in Rail Europe’s extensive portfolio of rail products, the German Rail Pass is now even more appealing thanks to the German Rail Pass Extension – distributed by all Rail Europe travel agents.

With the German Rail Pass Extension, the following destinations outside Germany are now easily reached:
Brussels, the capital of Belgium with the InterCity Express (ICE)
Prague, the capital of Czech Republic with the DB-ÖBB Eurocity
The towns of Innsbruck and Kufstein in Austria with the DB Expressbus

Italian cities of Venice Verona, Bologna, Bolzano/Bozen with the DB-ÖBB Eurocity
The German Rail Pass Extension is an add-on coupon which must be used in conjunction with the German Rail Pass. The German Rail Pass Extension is available as from a 39 euros supplement for 2nd class and 69 euros for 1st class.

The German Rail Pass, which offers plenty of bonuses and unlimited rail travel from 3 to 10 days within a month, is available at a starting price of 183 euros. Pass holders can travel freely to any destination in Germany.

Using a German Rail Pass extension with a German Rail Pass allows pass holders to get discounts and bonuses specially for infants and children up to 12.

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