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14/11/2012 – CAS Driver Training offers free online driving lessons to all of its students, helping them to pass their tests much more quickly than other driving school students.

Online driving lessons are a new method for teaching learner drivers the skills they need to be in charge of a vehicle. CAS Driver Training has created a unique set of online driving lessons which they claim can help their students to pass their driving tests faster than ever before.

The online driving lessons offered by CAS are intended as a supplementary learning tool that will allow their students to learn more about the methods involved in driving, in their own time. This means that they can practice their skills at any time they like, meaning that less time is required to go through maneuvers and procedures in actual driving lessons.

CAS claims that this allows CAS Driver Training learners to spend more of their lessons actually driving their vehicle, which enables them to progress through the various stages of learning to drive at a quicker pace.

CAS Driver Training claim that their students pass their driving tests on average 205 faster than students who learn to drive with traditional methods only, so it is clear that the online driving lessons offered by CAS Driver Training really do make a difference when it comes to learning to drive effectively, more quickly and this is why learner drivers should consider online driving lessons alongside more traditional instruction.

About CAS Driver Training:

CAS Driver Training is a driving school based in Scotland. The company operates on a national level and makes use of new teaching methods, such as online driving lessons, to ensure that their students have every advantage when it comes to passing their driving tests the first time.

The company offers high-quality driving lessons with free supplementary online driving lessons, at very competitive prices, making them a top choice for Scottish learner drivers who are looking for quality instruction.


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