Increased Awareness of Damp Problems is Driving Growth in the Damp Proofing Industry

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England 19/03/2013 – Many firms that offer damp proofing have seen their businesses grow in the past few months

Whilst there are signs that many UK property owners are delaying some home maintenance and improvement tasks this is not the case when it comes to damp proofing. Some damp specialists have seen demand for their services grow rapidly in the past few years. When it comes to damp proofing London is the place with the most growth in demand. The fact that much of the capital’s housing stock is quite old definitely helps.

These properties are naturally more susceptible to dampness and many of the capital’s properties have not been well maintained in the past. New owners often tackle damp problems that have been neglected by the previous owner. This means that there is a self-perpetuating cycle of demand for damp proofing in the densely populated southeast of the country.

However, increased awareness of dampness and the problems that can occur if dampness is left untreated is also potentially driving demand. Articles in the press and home buying and renovation TV shows have all played a part in educating the public about dampness. UK property owners are far less likely to leave damp untreated than they once were. Landlords are also more driven to tackle dampness at an early stage by the fact that mold, in particular black mold, can actually prevent them from renting out their properties.

Scope for further growth

It would seem that there is also scope for further growth, at least in the South East. The damp specialists in London Home Counties have seen their work increase over the past few years, and not all of that growth has come about because of London’s aging housing stock. At least some of it has come about as a direct result of people wanting to convert areas like basements and outhouses into habitable spaces. New materials and installation techniques combined with property prices in the capital have now combined to make it economically viable for property owners to consider these types of improvements.

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