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[22/05/2012] – James Galt & Co has been around for almost two centuries. It was founded by James Galt, from Stewarton, Ayrshire, who started work as an educational stockist in 1836. Some 14 years later, the company saw rapid expansion and started to work in publishing and printing as well. 7

A century later, the company left Manchester and settle in Cheshire. The Galt Toys division itself was formed in 1961 and this saw the birth of the James Galt & Co learning games for kids.

Learning games for kids come in many different shapes and sizes. Traditional board games, for instance, are a firm favourite for many people and we make sure that we have a selection available that will suit any taste. For instance, the Soundtrack games – which are award winning by the way – use amazing imagery and real sounds. Together, this combines into a game that children will love, encouraging them to both look and listen.

Animal themed Snakes & Ladders, a simple variant on an age old classic, is another example of a great game. Here, children will learn about the processes of nature, including the desert, the sea and the rainforest. Best of all, it is a dual game, because you will be able to find Ludo on the reverse side.

Although games like Snakes and Ladders are simple games, the benefits they actually give to children are tremendous. They learn such things as sequencing and counting, as well as raising their ability to lose and still enjoy a game. That is perhaps one of the most important things you could ever teach a child.

James Galt & Co is committed to selling and producing top quality toys. These toys have to be able to meet the learning requirements and developmental stages of children aged between 0 and 10. All the learning games for kids that are developed by James Galt & Co have to be fun and encourage learning through play, which is recognised as being the best way of learning anything. All toys encourage children to think, without realising that they are in the process of learning.

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