England 17/05/2012 – Hundreds of thousands are taking up the offer to play free arcade games at online-slots.co.nz

The chance to play free arcade games at online-slots.co.nz is attracting growing numbers of people to the joys of playing slot machines online. A lot of online game providers require users to download software to play their games. This software is only small, easy to install and use, but a lot of people do not like having multiple pieces of software on their PCs, laptops, tablets or smart phones. Because the founders of Online Slots have been involved in the online slot and games industry almost from the start they realised this was a problem, so came up with an innovative way to provide the ability to play arcade games without having to download any form of software.

The fact that the games are free is another big draw. In the current economic climate, people are really watching the pennies. The chance to play games for free is hard to pass up. It is possible to while away a couple of hours and really relax without spending any money on their website.

People also enjoy the fact that the arcade games they offer are so retro. The chance to play Tetris, Pong, Pac-Man, Super Mario Brothers and Space Invaders is hard to pass up. People who remember these games from their youth are big fans, but younger players also enjoy the chance to try out, what to them is, a new form of game.

Registering to play free arcade games at online-slots.co.nz

The fact that there is no need to register to play free arcade games at online-slots.co.nz makes these games truly accessible. People like the fact they can play without having to give any personal information out.

However, as their website name suggests the main purpose of Online-slots.co.nz is to learn about playing online slot machines. They aim to be the go to site for fans of online pokies and slot machines. They provide links to the best online slot and fruit machine games as well as reviews and news about new providers and games.

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