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May 2012 – Mellersh & Harding have a very experienced and professional team working for them, a team who can help you with any queries that you may have. They can be contacted in person at their head office in St James’s Street, South West London, or should you prefer you can ring or email them with any queries you may need answering.

If you are looking for a new company to handle your business it may pay you to take a look at the website of Mellersh & Harding and read through some of the excellent customer testimonials they have received from very satisfied customers. “Productive and responsive” reads one. “They are very qualified and have extensive knowledge. I feel good in their hands”, reads another. “I like their attention to detail” and “very professional, I would score them very highly. They are top quality individuals, technically and personally, and very easy to get on with” are just two more examples of the very positive customer feedback they have received.

Established in 1902 Mellersh & Harding pride themselves on their professionalism and integrity. They provide some of the best expert advice on the buying, selling, renting and leasing of office space in London.  They also provide services for office, retail and industrial investment properties, and other general estate management opportunities as well as many others. Take a look at their website to see a full and comprehensive list of all the services they offer.

Contact Information:
32 St James’s Street
London, UK
Zip: SW1A 1HD
020 7522 8500
020 7522 8501


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