Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom (September 24, 2010) – Pure FX, a leading foreign currency exchange broker has seen a recent increase in custom, which they attribute to rising numbers of people purchasing property abroad due to the recovery of the sterling.

Pure FX understands that when the recession hit, it hit virtually everyone. Businesses went into administration, people were made redundant and the number of people holidaying abroad declined. However, Pure FX believes that the worst may be over as sterling has started to show signs of recovery. They believe that people want to maximise on their expenditure at a time like this, which is why many Briton’s have waited until exchange rates showed signs of improvement to purchase overseas properties.

However, whilst the UK economy may be showing some signs of recovery, Pure FX believe there is still a long way to go before things are back on an even keel. With a new Government and different legislation coming into play, Pure FX believe that it is essential to take full advantage of exchange rates when they spike up. With a growing number of Britain’s purchasing property abroad, Pure FX has seen an increase in custom recently. Many people seem to be choosing to convert their sterling now while the rate is high to capitalise on the currency conversion.

James Roberts of Pure FX commented: “The recession has been tough for everyone and the majority of businesses and individuals understandably became vigilant of their outgoings. However, with sterling now strengthening, many are capitalising on better exchange rates when it comes to transferring money overseas. Pure FX are specialist currency brokers, so we can provide expert advice on current exchange rates and can convert your money quickly and easily.”

For more information about Pure FX and the sterling rate, visit their website at http://www.purefx.co.uk/ or contact them on 01494 671800.

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