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England 08/03/2013 – Heightened awareness of the health risks of tanning beds and sunbathing are driving interest in other tanning products

Beau Bronz has seen demand for their products soar. They make, and market, a range of healthy tanning products and run tanning salons in several countries. A significant percentage of that increased demand is being generated by people who are no longer prepared to risk their health to maintain a tan.

Since the 1920s, a healthy tan has been seen as essential by many. For decades, most women, and more recently many men, have done their best to get and maintain a tan. To begin with, people simply sat in the sun whenever they could, they had no choice there were no sun beds or spray tans. Unsurprisingly their tans were not very deep or very even. The sun just did not shine often enough to achieve a good tan and maintain it. Modesty meant that few people could achieve a true all-over tan. When tanning beds became widely available in the late 70s they were an immediate hit. Millions of people across the world used them without dreaming that they could be damaging their health.

Today, most people are aware that using sunbeds can increase their risk of skin cancer. Recent research by PRI and the European Institute of Oncology showed that using sun beds, especially when aged under 35, drastically increased the risk of skin cancer in later life. The study looked at 12,000 cases of skin cancer across Europe, so was a piece of in-depth research. After reading about this study and many others, thousands are deciding to get a spray tan rather than use a sun bed. They know that sunbathing is also potentially dangerous.

Truly healthy spray tans

However, they are also cautious about spray tans. People are far more careful about the beauty products they use than they once were. They want products that are not tested on animals, contain only natural ingredients, and are environmentally friendly. The products that Beau Bronz sells tick all boxes, which is one reason their sales have grown so quickly.

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