Oasys Offers Free Trial Downloads Of Latest Engineering Measuring Tools And Design Applications

Newcastle, UK November 1st 2012 – Engineering calculations and development plans need to be as accurate as possible to ensure that costs and timeframes are kept to a minimum along with errors. While there can be no replacement for human judgement and experience, the use of reliable and accurate software to help predict the many necessary aspects of building design can prove highly beneficial to the individual architect, the engineer, or the development company that is heading a project.

Such engineering measuring tools may include full building design software. These applications will usually include a number of integrated tools to help ascertain certain facts and measurements. They may be able to create two dimensional and even three dimension renderings on the fly and they will use highly detailed plans and accurate measurements to create the most accurate building design possible. Additional factors, such as human footprint vibration analysis and loadbearing measurements can also be determined and analysed, and solutions to any potential problems found using these beneficial tools.

Similar applications can also be bought to help design bridges and other structures. The engineering process can be cut, errors eliminated, and costs and timeframes calculated accurately from the very beginning of the process. Engineering measuring software can even be employed to analyse the movement of pedestrians and crowds to help calculate the expected and likely loads that will be faced by a number of buildings and other structure types.

Oasys Software was established in 1976 and has provided high quality and highly effective and efficient engineering and design tools and applications to the engineering industry for more than 30 years. Visitors to the Oasys website can enjoy free trial downloads of many of the applications and tools that Oasys have to offer.


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