England – 15/12/2011– The demand for explosion proof lighting is growing as developing countries become more safety conscious

In the UK there are a few innovative lighting firms that have developed specialist lighting products to provide for what, at one time, were niche markets. They make products like explosion proof lighting, vandal resistant lighting and low energy outdoor lighting. Initially their competitors thought they were crazy because development costs were high and demand low. However, finally these companies approach has been vindicated as demand for their niche products grows.

The biggest growth has been seen in the strangest of products, which is explosion proof lighting.

What exactly is explosion proof lighting?

Explosion proof lighting has two main properties. Firstly, as the name indicates, it is designed to stay intact in the event of an explosion. This means that provided it remains powered it will stay on. This is crucial for the safe evacuation of personnel and to help the emergency services when they arrive on the scene, provided smoke is not obscuring the light source by this point.

The second property of explosion proof lighting is that it is designed to be installed and used in environments where gas or explosive dust is present in the air. In these environments the use of standard lighting is too risky. This is because sparks from standard lighting could potentially ignite the explosive dust or gas surrounding the fitting.

In addition, this lighting is designed to be able to operate in any climatic conditions. The materials used are high grade stainless steel with a polycarbonate or high grade class diffuser. These materials do not corrode and are bonded together to operate in extreme heat or cold. The bonds used are especially important because they ensure that a spark does not lead to an explosion.

Hilclare, one of the UK’s biggest lighting manufacturers, developed explosion proof lighting for use in industrial settings. Until recently they were sold only to the UK and a few other countries. Now they are selling this lighting on a global basis as firms in developing countries realise the sound economics of improving safety in their factories.


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