Trio Climbs Kilimanjaro for The Evelina Children’s Hospital with Private Expeditions

Staffs, United Kingdom (6th November 2012) – Private Expeditions, a leading, expert provider of private and group climbs up Mount Kilimanjaro, comments as a group of friends climb Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise funds for The Evelina Children’s Hospital.

Mitchell Scott and two friends – Brendan Gilligan and Tony Washer – pledged to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in aid of The Evelina Children’s Hospital in London, a facility that provided considerable care for Mr. Scott’s daughter before, during, and after her kidney transplant in 2011. Evelina was the city’s first children’s hospital for more than 100 years, and every aspect of its design was chosen by children.

Mr. Scott and his friends set off along the Marangu Route on the 12th of October and reached Uhuru Peak (at 5895m above sea level) on the 16th of October. Mr. Scott’s campaign has currently raised more than £11,000 pounds (including Gift Aid), every penny of which has gone to Evelina Children’s Hospital. Following Mr. Scott and his friends’ achievement, he left a positive review on the popular site Trust Pilot, commending the high-quality organization, planning, and guidance they received from Private Expeditions during their climb.

“Whilst climbing Kilimanjaro is an amazing achievement for anyone, regardless of their reasons, people who scale it on charitable grounds are always touching, and we would like to congratulate Mr. Scott, Mr. Gilligan, and Mr. Washer on their fantastic campaign,” said Paul Lawrence Deakin of Private Expeditions. “We would also like to thank Mr. Scott for his considerable praise – it’s always a pleasure to know people climbing with us feel safe and comfortable with our guides during their ascent. We wish Mr. Scott the best of luck for his future climbs!”

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Operating since 2004, Private Expeditions specializes in arranging private and group Mt. Kilimanjaro climbs and Kilimanjaro Charity Challenges. They also arrange treks up Mt. Meru and in the Ngorongoro Highlands; private safaris in all of the Tanzanian National Parks; and beach breaks to Zanzibar, Pemba, and the Mafia Islands.


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