United Kingdom (30 June, 2010) – PeopleChecking, a service dedicated to offering employee background checks and employment screening services, comment on the suggestion that one in three people applying for advertised job vacancies are stretching the truth on their CVs.

People who lie on their CVs however stand a greater chance of being caught out in the modern era thanks to an increase in businesses using employment verification measures when vetting potential candidates, according to PeopleChecking. The statistic of one in three people lying on their CV comes from a survey conducted by the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors. PeopleChecking, however, are keen to highlight that the punishments for lying on a CV are quite severe.

They point to the case of former HR manager for Devon Primary Care Trust, Kerrie Devine, who misrepresented the qualifications she had achieved on her CV. She was given a six-month suspended prison sentence, ordered to complete 150 hours of community service and fined approximately £9,000.

“Businesses face stiff competition for survival going into the upturn and the race for top talent is on – therefore many employers are using background screening techniques, such as reference checking, to ensure they are hiring who they think they are,” says Mathew Armstrong, Business Development Manager at NorthgateArinso PeopleChecking. “But the rates of unemployment and the dearth of job vacancies are enticing candidates to lie on their CV in order to stand out from the crowd. But is it really worth the risk of potentially being imprisoned just to increase your employability?”

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