Yorkshire, United Kingdom (16 May, 2011) – Sell Your Yorkshire Home, a UK property market specialist that can facilitate fast house sales in Yorkshire, comment on a charity’s recent findings that debt is rising considerably for families in the UK.

The Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS) has found that many families are struggling to cope with a combination of rising living costs, fixed incomes and redundancies. The charity’s findings concluded that people are facing an ever-increasing gap between their monthly income and their outgoings, with families proving much more susceptible than other households; people who have children left with an average of just £62 a month left to repay debts after meeting their outgoings.

In light of these findings, property-buying specialists Sell Your Yorkshire Home have warned that this will lead an increasing number of families with fewer options beyond declaring bankruptcy, having CCJs and even being forced to succumb to repossession of their homes. The company urges any families suffering from rising debts and inabilities to meet their mortgage payments to contact them for advice and quotes, and to have their home purchased quickly before it becomes too late.

“The CCCS’ recent findings are likely to shock a lot of families who are only just beginning to struggle with paying off their debts. Now is the perfect time for families to start considering the options available to them, as the more and more in-debt they become, the more likely it will become that the only appropriate action to take is financially damaging and drastic,” commented a spokesperson for Sell Your Yorkshire Home. “It is predicted that this situation is only going to get worse with the start of the new tax year, so we are inviting any families experiencing these difficulties to arrange to speak to a member of our team to see what options are available to them, and make a well-informed decision to save their finances and protect their livelihood.”

For more information on Sell Your Yorkshire Home and their fast property sales, visit their website at help@sellyouryorkshirehome.co.uk or telephone 0800 085 0196.

About Sell Your Yorkshire Home:

Sell Your Yorkshire Home is one of the most well-renowned and trusted names in the housing industry. Established in 2006, they are committed to helping people in need in Yorkshire get back on their feet and keeping them away from the dangers of debt, CCJs and repossession. Sell Your Yorkshire Home’s team of experts are happy to offer impartial advice, no obligation quotes and to facilitate property sales in a matter of days.


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