Cheshire, United Kingdom, (29th November, 2011) – Fosters Solicitors, a leading UK personal injury firm specialising in road traffic accident claims, personal injury compensation claims and accident at work claims, comment as a poultry plant is ordered to pay £250,000 in injury costs.

Two accidents in the poultry processing plant 2 Sisters Food Group have resulted in one employee having his right hand amputated and another employee receiving a broken arm. Shaun Alexander lost his right hand when it became trapped in a veal processing machine, and Malcolm Raven received a broken arm when he caught it between two crates containing chickens when trying to deal with a blockage.

Mr Alexander and Mr Raven subsequently made compensations claims against the poultry plant and the owners were ordered to pay a total of £250,000. £90,000 of the amount was awarded to Mr Alexander and £140,000 was awarded to Mr Raven. Judge Jacobs also ordered the company to pay costs of £24,302.

Judge Jacobs commented: “In both cases the injuries occurred because employees were allowed to come into contact with moving machinery in circumstances that plainly should not have happened.”

Following the case, the Health and Safety Inspector, Julie Jarvey stated: “Shaun Alexander was failed by the company’s lack of training, inadequate assessment of risks, absence of safe working practises and effective measures stopping access to dangerous equipment. He will have to live with the consequences of someone else’s mistakes for the rest of his life. HSE will not hesitate to take companies, big or small, to court and seek tough penalties when it finds them taking a lax attitude to their workers’ safety.”

A spokesperson for Fosters Solicitors commented: “The obligations and duties imposed on an employer are quite correctly stricter than ever. A reasonable employer must continually assess any tasks that it requires from its employees who must be trained comprehensively on how to use machinery. We encourage anyone that has been injured performing a task they were not trained to do to contact us today.”

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