Technical Foam Services Develop Product for Automotive Market

Automotive Market

Northamptonshire, United Kingdom (29 October 2010) – Technical Foam Services, a leading independent engineering-biased manufacturer and foam producer, has developed an innovative double-sided wax sponge for the automotive market.

With twenty years of experience in their industry, Technical Foam Services continually research and develop new products to deliver to their customers. Their mission is to produce the most innovative rubber and foam products on the market to deliver high-quality products that match their customers’ requirements.

There are many automotive products that claim to be the best in the industry, but the independent foam and rubber specialist Technical Foam Services can offer their customers high-quality automotive sponges that are cost-effective and have dual functionality. They have recently developed a range of PVA foams and polyurethane that ensures that polish can be continually applied to the surface of a vehicle. Technical Foam Services understands what materials are best for the application of wax or liquids, so their customers can be sure they are receiving the best products for their vehicle requirements. They have recently developed a double-sided wax sponge foam that can be used for applying and removing polish, and this product can be bulk packaged or retail packaged.

Duncan Geddes of Technical Foam Services commented: “While there may be many automotive products on the market, we believe we can provide our customers with the best range of automotive foam and rubber supplies. Our new double-sided sponge has dual functionality, as it can be used to both apply and remove polish on a vehicle’s surface. We work closely with manufacturers of the polish to understand their expectations, and we undertake a number of internal tests at our Corby site to conclude which type of foam is most suitable. Our mission is to provide our customers with the most innovative rubber and foam products available, which is why our talented engineers continually search for new ways to develop our foam supplies.”

For more information about Technical Foam Services and their double-sided wax sponge, visit their website at or telephone 01536 443000

About Technical Foam Services:

Founded in 1990, Technical Foam Services is widely recognized as Europe’s leading, most innovative, and consumer-led industrial foam converting business. They operate from Northamptonshire in the heart of England, ensuring easy access to customers and clients when trading their high-quality foam and rubber products. Technical Foam Services can offer foam cut-to-size products such as furniture foams, ink jet foams, sports and leisure forms, and more.


Duncan Geddes

Technical Foam Services Ltd,
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Tel: 01536 443000

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