Among other things, Elvis Presley was famous for his love of cars. Elvis’s love of cars is not oneof the things that is widely known about him. Many of Elvis’s cars are now considered collectibles. He began his collection in the 1950s and continued to add to it until his death.

Of all the cars, Elvis most preferred Cadillacs. His first Cadillac was a gift to himself after getting a #1 record for the first time. Elvis’s former manager, Bob Neil, remembered that Elvis was so taken with the car that he looked at it through the hotel window all night long.

But not every experience with his first car was so glorious. Elvis nearly died when his car caught on fire as he was driving. Elvis didn’t see the fire until the whole back of his car was engulfed in flames. Although Elvis tried to put them out, he was quickly taken away from the scene by a busload of people concerned for his safety. Elvis’ devastation is obvious from his response to theevent: “Man, I loved that car.”

Pretty soon, his first Caddy was replaced with the famous pink Cadillac. He later gave this to his mother. This became a bit of a habit for Elvis, giving people cars as gifts. During his entire life,Elvis gave about 150 cars to family and friends. The “Memphis Mafia” was a group of Elvis’s friends and family who spent a lot of time with him. The cars were a form of fringe benefit becauseof the important role they played in his life.

Even now fans can enjoy viewing the collection of cars so loved by Elvis, at the museum for them in Graceland. They can gawk at his pink Cadillac, along with 32 other automobiles loved by theKing. Some of the cars and motorcycles featured are a ’56 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible, the red MG from Blue Hawaii, a ’75 Dino Ferrari, Stutz Blackhawks and Harley Davidsons. Graceland is also a great place to visit to get your hands on a range of Elvis memorabilia.

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