England – 20/11/2011Whilst other industries in Manchester are seeing their order books shrink SEO Manchester firms attract new customers

Manchester like all of the UK’s cities has seen unemployment rise over the past couple of years as more firms cut back on their wage bill. In many industries work has become scarce in particular in the construction and financial services industries. However, SEO Manchester firms appear to be bucking that trend. Not only are the well established firms finding more demand for their services, relatively new SEO firms have also noticed a rise in demand.

When you consider that consumers are turning to the web for everything they buy this should come as no surprise. Nearly 70% of consumers turn to the internet first when they want to buy something or need a service. At the very least they carry out their research there and more and more consumers are actually buying products on-line. This fact has made even small firms realise that if they want a slice of that business they need to have a good quality website and that it needs to be well optimised.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is seen as an important plank in many companies marketing campaigns, as a consequence there is no shortage of work for Manchester’s SEO firms.

The SEO Manchester Industry Re-focuses on Small to Medium Sized Firms

In the past many SEO Manchester firms focused on getting work from multi-national firms. They found it simpler to work for one big client rather than for multiple small clients and liked the cache such contracts gave them.

However, some of the newer firms like Silverchip realised a long time ago that this was a flawed business model. Rather than rely on work from a couple of large multi-national firms they marketed themselves instead to start up firms who were selling high ticket products in niche markets. This policy has certainly paid off. They have a phenomenal success rate and have helped their clients achieve high rankings for all of their keywords, in some cases, achieving number 1 ranking in Google.


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