AIM Monitoring Assists Security Companies In Protecting Clients’ Businesses

Manchester, UK June 11th 2012 – Modern businesses face threats from a number of possible sources including fires and intruders. Fire can wreak havoc in a building destroying everything from mission critical paperwork to essential computer systems and infrastructure. The damage from a fire can also render a building useless. Security companies that offer their clients access to fire alarm systems can also provide alarm monitoring from the likes of AIM monitoring, a leading security monitoring service.

Closed Circuit TV, or CCTV is certainly not a new invention. It has been used for many years to help deter or catch criminals but advances in technology mean improved definition, greater reliability, and less expensive operational costs. However, the efficiency of a CCTV system is at least partially dependent on the level of monitoring that the footage receives. Rather than having to employ security personnel to monitor footage 24 hours a day, businesses can rely on monitoring systems provided by AIM monitoring via their security company.

Alarm systems are also reliant on close monitoring to offer the greatest success. Fire alarms require speedy response to ensure that the fire service have the greatest opportunity to put a fire out before it takes hold while the police require swift action to give them the greatest chance of catching burglars or other criminals in the act. AIM Monitoring can notify the police of any fire, burglar, or plant alarm alerts to ensure that fast and decisive action can be taken by the appropriate people.

AIM Monitoring works with security companies in the UK to provide clients with the most advanced and the most effective security systems. From CCTV monitoring to intruder alarm monitoring, security companies can enjoy discounts on bulk orders as well as the provision of a quality service to their own clients.


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