England – 27/6/2011A diverse range of trained, vetted and affordable security guards are available to UK businesses, thanks to British based security company ‘Churchill Security’.

Whether one runs or is part of a business in the public or private sector, it is difficult to deny that their firm’s security should always be a very pressing concern. Companies without this attitude are always leaving their premises at risk of theft, water and fire damage, not to mention vandalism, all of which can damage not only the physical building, but also the slick operation and reputation of a business. However, where can one find a company capable of catering for all of a firm’s security needs, both reliably and at an affordable financial cost?

British firm Churchill Security claims to be that company. Churchill Security offers a comprehensive range of security services, carried out by security guards who have been both thoroughly vetted and trained to SIA standard. The services on offer include static security guards, mobile security patrols, key holding and alarm response, SIA training, First Aid training and CCTV and surveillance, each of which have their common selling points.

Security guards that firms and their customers can rely on

For a retail outlet, especially one located in a crime-prone area, the presence of a security guard encourages more customers, who will be heartened by a proprietor demonstrating concern over their safety. Security guards can also play a vital role for many businesses in serving as a visual deterrent of crime, monitoring CCTV surveillance cameras, gates and entrances and controlling access points for visitors or contractors seeking legitimate access to the premises.

A Churchill Security spokesperson stated: “Our security guards are a great sell in so many ways, and we are naturally thrilled that more and more businesses across the country can take advantage of their skills and experience. Our security guards pride themselves, for instance, on having passed CRB tests, good literacy and numeracy skills, and experience of working in a customer orientated environment.”

The ever rising use of the World Wide Web (WWW) among firms seeking top quality security services, and the user friendliness of the Churchill Security website at http://www.churchill-security.co.uk, suggests that more and more British businesses could soon be bolstering their security with the help of Churchill Security’s well recommended security guards.


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