London, UK August 29th 2012 – Buying blockbuster games for any console can cost a considerable amount of money. Many new releases launch with a price close to £50 and for the typical gamer, especially in the current economic climate, this can prove too steep a price. However, few avid gamers want to wait when the next iteration of Call of Duty or Killzone is released. Buying online from auction sites is an option but it carries inherent risks and the recipient may have to wait several days before they actually receive the game that they buy.

The Blockbuster website is another, viable alternative. . Blockbuster is primarily, of course, a rental company and this is one way that gamers can save money. Signing up for games rental  not only costs less money for something that may only take a few days to come to the end of its useful life but it also means that the gamer can try xbox360 games and ps3 games before they buy, if they choose to.

Another alternative is to buy pre-owned or ex-rental games. Many people pre-order games and enjoy an early delivery while others are waiting outside the door on the day of release. These same people will usually sell or part exchange the game once complete and this gives Blockbuster the chance to sell these games for less than the recommended retail price.

Gamers can buy cheap PS3 games from leading retailer Blockbuster. As well as heading in-store to enjoy the tactile experience and immediate purchase, they also have the option of browsing and buying the latest addition to their game collection on the Internet.

One such PS3 game is the new Assassin’s Creed game, Assassin’s Creed 3. The game, also available for Xbox 360, Wii U and Microsoft Windows, is due out on 31st October in Europe. You can preorder the game from Blockbuster , as well as earning 500 bonus points if you sign up to the VIP Gamer Programme. Visit the Blockbuster website to find out more.



London, UK