Leeds, United Kingdom (18 March, 2011) – Cooper Matthews, a leading provider of business debt advice and solutions for small to medium businesses requiring financial advice, comment on the benefits of a Company Voluntary Arrangement for a business struggling with debt.

Cooper Matthews is a leading business debt rescue service company that can provide a variety of business solutions which can help a company avoid financial issues which may result inbusiness insolvency or increased arrears.

Cooper Matthews recently commented on the benefits of a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) between an organisation and their creditors. A CVA will require a company to make fixed repayments to their creditors that are lower than their outstanding debt. Each repayment will be calculated on a monthly basis and will depend on how much the company can afford to pay periodically; therefore, a debt will be cleared if a company has not finished the repayments by the end of an agreement. In addition, a CVA will prevent a court case and this will enable a business to continue with their day to day operations, remove debt burdens and the directors will be allowed to remain a central aspect of the organisation.

A spokesperson for Cooper Matthews commented: “The recent recession has ultimately forced numerous organisations into administration and many other companies may be struggling to recover from the economic downturn. We are incredibly passionate about delivering a variety of business solutions to ensure a company can recover from their financial difficulties. If a company is worried they may receive awinding up petition or a court summons from their creditors, they should consider a Company Voluntary Arrangement which can help them pay reasonable debt repayments on a monthly basis.”

For more information on Cooper Matthews and a Company Voluntary Arrangement, visit their website at http://coopermatthews.com/ or telephone 0800 8 40 40 42.

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Cooper Matthews is a provider of business debt advice and solutions for small to medium businesses experiencing financial difficulties. They are committed to employing a whole market approach in order to identify and deliver the right solution for individual business needs, and, if necessary, are able to assist throughout the liquidation process.


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