England – 04/09/2011Finding office space where and when you need it just got a whole lot easier thanks to flexible office space.

Many new business men and women view where they set up their office as a huge decision, and rightly so. It is a big decision, because an office address strongly affects the way existing and potential customers perceive a business. The look and feel of the building an office is located in has a big effect too when potential clients come to visit. Getting it wrong is not an option especially when long leases are the norm. Flexible Office Space have recognized that one of the key reasons small businesses delay opening offices is that they do not want to be locked into the wrong location. In response to this problem flexible office space have come up with several ideas including flexible leases and virtual offices.

What Are Flexible Leases?

Flexible leases can run for any time period and if need be that time period can be as short as 3 months. This is great for small businesses who are growing fast it ensures  they do not find themselves stuck in office space that is too small for their rapidly growing business. If the growth does not come as quickly as expected all they need to do is to renew the lease on the office space they already have. It is a simple but important innovation.

On top of lease length flexibility Flexible Office Space lets businesses decide what services they want. There is no more paying for services they do not use or really want simply because they are leasing space in an office block that has its own in house cleaners and other services.

All of Flexible Office Space’s leases are written in plain English they are not full of legal jargon and the clauses are more or less the same regardless of the building you are leasing space in. This is one key reason that small businesses return time after time to Flexible Office Space.

It is well worth visiting http://flexibleofficespace.co/ and taking a look at what they have to offer.


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