05/01/2012- Donnelly Group are offering free winter health checks for your Fiat Northern Ireland. The checks are available until the end of January.

Winters in the UK can be harsh and conditions for those who are driving can be extremely difficult and dangerous. This is especially true if your vehicle is not in the best condition to tackle tough winters. Therefore, it is always a good idea to have your car health checked. Not only will this ensure that you are safe and sound on the roads this winter, but it will also throw up any other potential problems with your car.

Donnelly Group knows just how important a car health check can be and this is why they are offering the service across their branches in Northern Ireland. Health checks are very simple and can be completed on your Fiat Northern Ireland in no time. Having suitable tyres and a healthy battery can make all the difference when tough conditions hit but many drivers are ignorant when it comes to the health of their vehicles. The cold weather we have been experiencing can cause a battery to run low and this can cause it to fail at the most inconvenient times. These checks should be just the thing to solve the problem and ensure the safety of your Fiat. Northern Ireland often suffers tough conditions well past January and having this health check could be a real godsend which could make all the difference between your car running like a dream throughout January and beyond or running out of steam when you need it most.

About Donnelly Group:

Donnelly group are one of the biggest dealers of Fiat Northern Ireland. They have been around since 1947 when they started life as a vehicle repair and taxi business. They have grown massively over the years and now specialise in the sale of cars, new and used from 15 manufactures including Fiat. Northern Ireland is the home of Donnelly Group and they have several conveniently located branches around the country.


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